Part exchange your old apartment for a new one

Replace the OLD with the NEW - an attractive program for new residents

Want to exchange your old apartment for a new and more attractive one? Yet, the prospect of tedious searches and many formalities stops you from taking action? Familiarize yourself with our programme "Replace the old with the new". Check how quickly and easily you can obtain it. Part exchange your old apartment for a new one!

 nowe mieszkanie w rozliczeniu za stare

mieszkanie w rozliczeniu kraków

Trade in your old apartment within the programme "Replace the old with the new"

We have been offering the "Replace the old with the new" programme to our clients for the last 10 years. From the very beginning, the programme enjoyed a great deal of interest. It allows you to easily and safely replace your current abode for a new, dream apartment - without unnecessary formalities and with minimal effort.

Part exchange your old apartment for a new one - how is it possible?

Our “Replace the old with the new” programme consists in “replacing” your current property with a new one. How does it work in practice? The new apartment offered by the Wawel Service is financed from the funds obtained from the sale of the previously occupied flat. The main goal of the programme is to provide clients with professional assistance in selling their old apartment.

How does this process work?

We make sure that the purchase of an apartment, which is undoubtedly an important moment in one's life, is as customer-friendly as possible. To take advantage of the programme "Replace the Old with the New", it is enough to make an appointment with our advisor who will evaluate the previously owned apartment. The meeting is entirely complimentary and you do not incur any mediation costs. The next step is to choose a new apartment, which can be either at the initial stage of realization or else ready and waiting for the new owner to be picked up. We guarantee a smooth move.

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